Business Agreement Template

Business agreement is a legal document prepared when two parties are involved in the business. Many times clients make an agreement with a company to perform certain work or offer some services. This agreement mentions the duration along with the terms and conditions and is signed by both the parties. Both the parties abide the rules of contract after signing the document.

Business Agreement Template

Date:       /      /

Name of the Service provider Company         Name of the Client Company

Address:                                                                                                                Address:

Phone No.                                         Phone No.


This agreement template is between the (Name of the Service provider Company) and the (Name of the Client Company) for the services offered by the Service provider Company to the Client Company which is a going concern.

Mention the services to be offered with details by the service provider, client obligations for this service, payment terms, warranties, conditions, taxes, time and disputes.







The agreement constitutes the contract between both the parties, (Name of the Service provider Company) and (Name of the Client Company) having read it properly .This agreement is accepted by the Client company and properly signed by both the parties.

Executed on

Signature                                                           Signature

Name of the Service Provider                                                Name of the Client

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