Business Agreement Templates

Business agreement templates are commenced between the two business organizations, entrepreneurs and entities to initiate the business relationship on the national and international level. A business agreement is a legitimate document based on the official term & conditions.

Sample business agreement templates:

Agreement number: ___________ [authenticated number]

Date: ____/ ____/______ [mention the date on which the agreement is prepared]

This business agreement is produced between _________________ [name of the business organization], Address: ___________________, Phone number: _______________ hereinafter referred as the seller party, AND, name of the organization: _____________________, Address: _________________, contact number: ____________, hereinafter called as the buyer party, whereas both together referred as “the parties”

This business agreement is commenced for: _________________ [name and type of the business]. The seller party and buyer party are agreed to initiate the new business relation with each other on the committed terms.

The business agreement is starting from ___/____/____ [mention the starting date of the business]

Following mentioned covenants are agreed by both the parties:

Obligations & duties:

Both the parties will follow the committed terms to complete the agreement.

Payment terms:

The buyer party will pay $________ [amount in the local currency] to the seller party, whereas the seller party will dispatch the demanded ____________________ [products/ goods/ services] within a committed time.

Termination clause:

The agreement can be dissolved in case of any legal issue. The guilty party will pay $ _______   [amount in the local currency] to the alleging party in case of termination.

Both the parties hereby accept the business agreement:

Signature of the seller party: ____________

Signature of the buyer party: ___________

Signature of the witness: _____________ [signatures are required to approve the agreement]

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