Business Buy Sell Agreement Template

A business buy sell agreement template is a document which contains the information about the shares of the business enterprise. It is usually framed for businesses that have multiple partners. This document contains all the necessary guidelines by which distribution of the shares of the company in the event that one of the partners wishes to leave the business enterprises. A business buy sell agreement template must be such that both amateurs and professionals can use it. It must be carefully written with all details in place. Such kind of agreement must also be free from errors as it is a legal document if ratified by the court.

Sample Business Buy Sell Agreement Template:

Business Buy Sell Agreement

Business buy sell agreement for ______________________ [Mention the name of the company]

Date of framing business buy sell agreement: ______________ [dd/mm/yy]

The following document is a business buy sell agreement agreed upon by the board members of _____________________ [mention the name of the company]. The board members participating in the business buy sell  agreement are as follows:

  • Member 1: ____________________
  • Member 2: ____________________

Member 3: ____________________ [Mention the names and designations of the board members participating in the business buy sell agreement]

The following details of the business buy sell document are to be noted:

  • Duration of buy sell agreement: ______________________
  • Date of commencement of agreement: __________________
  • Date of termination: _______________________
  • Number of shares under consideration: ____________________

Condition under which negotiation of shares shall take place: _______________

All terms and conditions of the business buy sell agreement must be followed. They are as follows:

  • Term 1: _________________

Term 2: ___________________

Signature of participants

: _____________________________________

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