Business Lease Agreement Template

A business lease agreement template is a document which outlines the manner in which such a document is drafted. Such a document is legally valid which must be given due importance. A business lease agreement must contain all the necessary information about the business participants, nature of the business, duration of the lease and so on. A business lease agreement must be written by someone well versed in the art of writing legal document in a comprehensive yet concise manner. All ambiguity should be avoided while framing such documents.

Sample Business Lease Agreement Template:

Business Lease Agreement

Business lease agreement number: 3I3276475                                    Date: 12th June 2011

The following document is a business lease agreement between ___________________ [mention the name of the first participant in the business lease] [henceforth referred to as the lessor] and __________________ [mention the name of the second participant] [henceforth referred to as the lessee]. The business lease agreement is valid for a period of ____________ [years]. The date of commencement of the business lease agreement is _____________ [dd/mm/yy] and _____________ [dd/mm/yy]. The following particulars of the business agreement lease must be noted:

  • Nature of product/ service to be leased by lessor to lessee: _____________________
  • Dow payment made by lessee to lessor: __________________
  • Monthly payment to be made by the lessor to the lessee: _________________

[Mention the relevant details about the product or service to be leased between the participants of the business lease agreement]

All terms and conditions of the business lease agreement must be adhered to.

Signature of lessor: _________________

Signature of lessee: _________________

Signature of advocate: _______________

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