Business Partnership Agreement Template

A business partnership agreement template is a document which highlights, in template form, the manner in which a business partnership agreement document is to be written or framed. Since such a document is legally valid, it must be given due consideration. A business partnership agreement contains the rules by which the partnership between two businessmen or business enterprises will be governed. Hence important financial details like profit sharing, work responsibility, division of labor etc, must be mentioned clearly to avoid confusion or ambiguity. A business partnership template must be well written and carefully constructed.

Sample Business Partnership Agreement Template:

Business Partnership Agreement

Business Partnership Agreement Number: 934743574

The following document is a business partnership agreement between ________________________ [henceforth referred to as Partner 1] [mention the name of the first partner] and ___________________ [henceforth referred to as Partner 2] [mention the name of the second partner], to be initiated from ____________ [dd/mm/yy] and to be valid till ______________ [dd/mm/yy]. The partnership will be an equal partnership with both parties enjoying half of the profits accumulated. The business partnership agreement shall entail the following division of labor between the two partners:

  • Partner 1: ______________________ [Mention the areas of the business which will be taken care of by partner 1]
  • Partner 2: ______________________ [Mention the areas of the business which will be taken care of by partner 2]

All terms and conditions governing the business partnership agreement must be read carefully and understood. Any dispute that arises shall be tried under the Tribunal of New York State.

Signature of Partner 1: ____________________

Signature of Partner 2: ____________________

Signature of advocate: ____________________

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