General Partnership Business Agreement Template

General Partnership Business agreement in partnership of a business is different than the contract business agreement. The partnership business agreement is essential stating the terms and conditions of the partnership before starting the business. Business agreements are required for both types of partnership, namely general and limited. General partnership business agreements are classified into commercial and professional business agreements. Limited partnership business agreements are the joint ventures formed by the business agreement to form a single enterprise.

General Partnership Business Agreement Template

This business partnership agreement is made between two parties called General partners on                                     for a period of

Partner 1                                           Partner 2

Name:                                                       Name:

Address:                                            Address:

City:                                                  City:

State:                                                        State:

Zip:                                                   Zip:

Business purpose:

Official business name:

Official business address:

Capital contributions:

1)   Cash contributions:

Partner 1-

Partner 2-

2)   Non cash contributions:

Partner 1-

Partner 2-

Profits and losses:


Partner’s withdrawal/death:

Governing law:

Partner’s Signature                                      Partner’s signature

Name of the Partner                                    Name of the Partner

Date:                                                 Date:

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