Limited Partnership Business Agreement Template

Business agreement is a written legal document mentioning legal and practical issues of business. It can be made for buying a business, partnership between two or more people for business, leasing property for new business or hiring a consultant for a business. Business agreements differ according to the legal norms of the business. A limited partnership business agreement is made between one compulsory general partner and other limited partner. The general partner owes all rights and responsibilities and limited partner is only an investor in the business.

Limited Partnership Business Agreement template

This business partnership agreement is made between two parties called General partners and limited partner on                                      .

General Partner                                           Limited Partner

Name:                                               Name:

Address:                                            Address:

City:                                                  City:

State:                                                        State:

Zip:                                                   Zip:

Partnership duration:

Business purpose:

Official business name:

Partnership office business address:

Capital contributions:

1)   Cash contributions:

General Partner-

Limited Partner-

2) Non cash contributions:

General Partner-

Limited Partner-

Profits and losses:

Termination of the agreement:

Partner’s withdrawal/death:

Governing law:

The above agreement is properly read and mutually accepted by both the partners for the period of                                       .

General Partner’s Signature                   Limited Partner’s Signature

Name of the Partner                            Name of the Partner

Date:                                                 Date:

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