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In starting a new business various agreements and contracts are generated with consultants, partners, employers, vendors and customers. The legal document mentioning terms and conditions of the business is the agreement between two or more parties. This agreement is often called as contract. Business agreement is made for starting a new business by sale or purchase. This type of agreement gives opportunity to buy an existing business saves time and work.

Business Agreement template for Sale and purchase of a new business

This agreement for the purchase and sale of (Type of the business) under the name of

, is made on the

Between (Name of the purchaser) Company, Address, State      , Country


(Name of the seller) Company, Address, State, Country

  1. Business being sold and purchased includes lease agreement for the current business site for the period of
  2. The business being sold and purchased includes furnitures, fixtures and equipments listed and given by the seller. It also includes all stock in the trade, parts and supplies and any other asset involved for the growth of business.
  3. The following assets are not involved in the purchase and sale.

List the assets:

  1. The price finalized for the purchase of the business is
  2. Terms of payment:
  3. Warranties and conditions:
  4. Sales tax:
  5. Seller will deliver the purchaser all the documents needed for transferring the assets to the purchaser:

a)   Bill of sale for assets with warranty

b)   Assignment of lease

c)   Assignment of other contracts to be transferred from seller to the purchaser

d)   Assignment of trademark, brand name, copyrights, and any other intellectual property.

  1. Closing Date of this agreement:
  2. Acceptance: This agreement constitutes an offer to purchase and may be accepted by the seller. The acceptance of the agreement may be only after the seller properly signs copy of this agreement and delivers it to the purchaser before Date

Signature                                                   Signature

Name of the seller                                               Name of the purchaser


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