Business Analysis Plan Template

The business analysis plan template is created by the company to provide an appropriate method to conduct a proper analysis of the business internal and external conditions. The template must make provisions for the current business conditions, the market conditions, the need to conduct research and the analysis tool to be implemented.

You can Download the Free Business Analysis Plan Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Analysis Plan Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Analysis Plan Template:

Business Analysis Plan Template

Download Business Analysis Plan Template

Business Analysis Plan
Company name:____________________________ (state the registered name of the company)

Year: _____ to ____ (state the business year so as to determine for which year analysis plan has been prepared)
Company Description: (mention the nature of the business briefly)

Current Business Status: (An executive summary of the business conditions should be mentioned in order to facilitate business analysis)
Production and Management Status (briefly elaborate on the functions in this area) Finance and Revenue (mention the current policies implemented) Brand Value (state the brand value of the company and its effectiveness in attracting old and new customers) Market and Sales (discuss the sales and market performance here)
Business Performance for the year ___ to____ ( briefly enumerate the performance of the company for a specific period of time):
Analysis to be conducted by: (mention the experts in charge of the business analysis for the company)



Analysis Strategy (state the approach that will be used for analyzing the business conditions)
Analysis Tool (state the tool that will be used for conducting the analysis) Problem Areas (state the problematic areas that need to be targeted while researching) Purpose of Analysis (Highlight the main reasons for conducting the analysis)

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