Business Analysis Report Template

The business analysis report template is created to record the assessment of the business needs and conditions. This is done of both the internal functioning of the company as well as the external performance in terms of sales. A thorough research must be conducted to understand whether the correct business decisions have been implemented so far.

You can Download the Free Business Analysis Report Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Analysis Report Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Analysis Report Template:

Business Analysis Report Template

Download Business Analysis Report Template

Business Analysis Report
Name of Company: ____________ [state the name of the company for which the business analysis is being conducted]

Year: ______ [State the business year here]

Executive Background: [provide details about the existing internal and external status of the company]
Production Operations [the current production details should be mentioned here] Management Operations [the duties and responsibilities of the management personnel should be stated here] Financial Policies [the financial operations of the different levels in the company should be mentioned] Market Position [state the current market status here] Marketing and Sales Policies [the policies regarding profit and loss accumulation should be mentioned here including the profit/loss incurred]
Achievements for the year _____ [elaborate on the business achievements gained]
Problem Areas: [point out the different aspects of the business that need improving]
Production Management Finance Market Sales
Development Strategies ( based on the market analysis a fundamental development plan must be created and mentioned here)
Business Tools (state the new tools to be used for the strategy) Purpose  (mention the effective use and purpose of the tools) Expected Output (state the expected outcome from the policies)

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