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Business analysis templates play an important role in the growth of a business organization. Such a business analysis is prepared and executed for evaluating the different aspects of the business. After obtaining the final report, a business organization can prepare the effective business strategies and plans to drive the business for the desired growth. A business analysis template can be prepared by the concerned department of an organization. However, the quality check department always has a vital role in such an analysis.

Sample business analysis templates:

Business Analysis report number: ____________

Effective date: ___/____/___ [mention the date when the template is prepared]

Name of the organization: _________________

Address: _______________________________

Contact number: ________________________ [company’s details]

Business analysis details:  [fill the basic business reports as these are required]

Name of the business: ______________________

Category of the business: __________________

Purpose of this business analysis: _________________________

Provide the details of resources accessed for preparing the business analysis:


_________________________________ [resources such as documents, official persons and references]

Detailing of different business Aspects:


Rate of growth in sales: ___________%

Lacks & delicacies recorded: ________________

Type of policies essential to drive the sales: _________________


Mention the new marketing strategies implemented for the growth: __________________

Give the details of the market growth: ____________________%

Crucial factor should be considered in marketing policies: _____________


Total growth recorded from the finance department: ___________________


Suggested changes in the accounts system to make it more effective:  ____________________

Mention if any kind of business requirement is found:

________________________________ [Mention the details of the requirements]

Authentication of the business analysis template:  [signatures as required]

Prepared by: _____________________________

Approved by quality control department: _________________

Checked by: _____________________________

Designation: _____________________________ [name & designation of the concerned person]

Department seal: ____________________

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