Business Case Analysis Template

A business case analysis template is a written record of a certain case being executed within a business. Business processes include various cases of a number of forms such as legal, financial, social, and political, etc. The analysis of each case is equally important for the proper execution of the business. Hence, an effective template needs to be prepared, which will outline all the aspects included in a business case and its complete analysis such that every minute detail regarding the corresponding factor is evaluated and reports obtained for conclusion. Most firms employ experts for preparing a business case analysis document, but good templates can be very helpful for doing the job without a hired expert.

Sample Business Case Analysis Template:



______________________________________________________ [name of the business]

____________________________________________ [address]

______________________________ [telephone number]

_____________________________ [fax]

____________________________ [email id]

[give proper details of the business firm]

Case No.: ______________ [mention the serial number of the business case]

Title: __________________________________________ [give the title of the business case]

Case Description:

_________________________________________________________________ [give details of the business case that is being analyzed]

Analysis conducted by: ________________________________________________ [mention name(s) of the person, agency, or group members conducting the analysis]

Purpose: _________________________________________________ [describe briefly the purpose of conducting an analysis on the particular business case]

Date: _________________ [mention the date on which the business case was analyzed]

Factors considered:

  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________

[mention the various factors involved in case analysis]

Analysis Report:

  • ____________________________ [Conclusion 1]

_______________________________________________ [description]

_______________________________________________ [areas of improvement]

  • ____________________________ [Conclusion 2]

_______________________________________________ [description]

_______________________________________________ [areas of improvement]

  • ____________________________ [Conclusion 3]

_______________________________________________ [description]

_______________________________________________ [areas of improvement]

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