Top 10 Company Vision Statements in 2012

A vision statement is an inspirational goal oriented statement. It is the framework of strategic planning for the organization’s future. Basically a vision statement sets the direction for business planning for an organization and acts as a motivator which constantly projects the goals of the organization. It defines where you want to reach as an organization.

Sample Top 10 Company Vision Statements in 2012

  • The ABC Corp is committed to protect and enhance its character & lifestyle, consistent with the history & tradition of the organization. We have grown our tradition of success through progressive, responsive and proactive actions, and we will keep following it making new constructive changes.
  • We believe that our company ABC Ltd. is committed to make great quality products. We constantly focus on innovating new production techniques to incorporate the latest technologies in our products.
  • We believe that in ABC Corp, our responsibility is to continuously improve the all aspects pertaining to our work culture in which we operate.
  • We need to strive hard in creating a tomorrow better than today.
  • Our vision is to implement the programs into action and focus on the activities that benefit society and environmental stewardship.
  • Our vision at ABX Corp is to become the World’s biggest customer oriented organization.
  • Our vision is to build a company where people can find and buy anything and everything.
  • We at ANC Corp intent to provide our customers with the best services ant most economical prices. Customers can always rely for best prices and bets qualities on our company.
  • Our vision at ABC Pvt. Ltd. is to become a global leader in hardware products and customer values.
  • We at ABC technologies look forward to emerge as a global player in the software sector by adopting the best practices and the best talent in the country.



Vision Statements

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