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Business brochure templates play an important role for marketing business. A business brochure template acts as an overview of the business, information of the products & offered services and objectives of the trade. A business brochure template is provided to the clients and customers delivering the specifications, contact details and business offers, etc. This type brochure also acts as a marketing tool.

Sample business brochure template:

[A business brochure template can be of a single page printed on both the sides or can have more than a page.]

Choose the colour combination and high resolution images to be printed at the background.

Logo: _______________ [print the logo at the front page of the brochure template]

Organization’s name: _________________ [give the name of the business organization on the template]

Tag line: __________________ [print the tag line of the business organization]

[Use the different business information i.e. marketing business, special offers and selling products]

Introduction: ________________________ [give a brief introduction, including history of the business organization]

Business information: ______________ [specify the business information and include if there is any kind of category stating products and services differently]

Benefits of the services/ products: _____________________ [explain the product/ service offered by the business brochure templates]

[A person can use the different images as per category, graphics, chart and patented endorsement information]

Contact details of the organization:

Business organization’s Name: _____________

Address: ______________________

E-mail id: _____________________

URL: ________________________ [fill the contact details of the organization]

Mobile Number: _______________

Landline Number: _____________

Toll free number: _______________ [provide the contact numbers]


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