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Business card templates, as the name suggests, are widely executed for the commercial and personal use. A business card template is prepared by emphasizing on the requirements, type of the business and by mentioning the contact details of the concerned person. Interactive content, attractive layout with high resolution images and contact details of the business organization are essential for drafting a wonderful business card template. The format of the template can be customised as per the needs and requirements.

Sample Business card template:

[To prepare a business card template, make a selection of the suitable layout, colour combination, images and make a rough draft of the content]

Background image: ___________________ [one can use the background images or can also use one colour background as per the choice]

Organization business logo: _____________________ [insert the company logo at the top left hand side on the business card. Logo images must be printed clearly as it poses the first impression]

Name of the business: _________________________ [provide the name of the business on the top right side on the business card template]

Tag line: ___________________________________ [mention the business tag line properly just below the business name]

Name of the individual: _________________ [write the name of the individual for whom card is prepared along with this designation]

Address of the organization: _______________________ [print the address of the business organization, including the phone number & fax number at the left bottom corner on the business template]

Overview of services: ______________________________ [mention the names of a few services/ products offered by the business organization. Print this information at the right bottom corner on the template]

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