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Business contract templates are commenced between the two entrepreneurs, business organizations and business partners to start a long term business relationship. Such a template is prepared formally and is based on the legitimate term & conditions. Payment terms, commitments and contact details of both the parties are required to produce a business contract template. Browse below for more contracts templates.

Sample business contract templates:

Contract number: ________________

Date: ___/___/___ [Give the registered date and number for the business contract]

This business contact is commenced and entered between:

Name of the organization: __________________

Address: ________________________________

Contact number: _________________________

Website: _________________________________, hereinafter referred as the seller organization


Name of the company: ______________________

Address: __________________________________

Phone number: ____________________________

URL: _____________________________________. Hereinafter referred as the buyer organization [contact information of the responsible contract holder companies]

Business information:

__________________________ [mention the details for which the business is commenced]

This business contract is valid from ___/___/___ and is terminating on ___/___/___. [Mention both the dates]

Following mentioned conditions are the covenants for both the organizations to survive the contact:

Business relationship:

Both the parties will strictly follow the promised clauses. The buyer organization will pay the payment on time, whereas the seller organization will issue the _______________ [name of the goods/ products] to the buyer organization.

Payment terms:

The buyer organization will pay $ _____________ [amount in the local currency]   to the seller organization for buying ___________________ [name of the products/ goods].

Termination clause:

In case of any legitimate violence occurred to the above mentioned terms, the business contract will be dissolved.

Both the parties are requested to validate the contact:

Signature of the seller organization: ___________________

Signed by the buyer organization: ____________________ [accepted by both the parties]

Approved by the Solicitor: ___________________________ [sign of the hired lawyer]


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