Consultant Contract Template

The business contracts are legal documents prepared while starting a new business relationship. It could be business partnership, new business sale and purchase or business and consultant contract. Here is the business contract template for business with consultants. This contract is made by a company and a consultant wherein a consultant agrees to work for the company for limited duration within certain obligations of work.

Consultant Contract template

Date:       /      /

Name of the Company                                Name of the Consultant

Address:                                                                                                                Address:

Phone No.:                                                Phone No.:

This contract dated                                   is between the (Name of the Company) AND the (Name of the Consultant) which is a going concern.

1. The Consultant                        (Name of the consultant) is being employed by the

Company                           (Name of the company) to execute the following

Services by following the rules and regulations mentioned in this contract for a period of

.The Consultant will report and consult the officers mentioned in

this contract hence forth regarding all the issues of work.

2. The job work details to be done by the consultant in the mentioned period of time must be mentioned here.

3. The location of the work will be as per mentioned here-Location

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