Employment Contract Template

Employment contract is the contract between the employee and the employer. It involves the terms and conditions in which the employee works with the employer. It is an important legal document consisting of obligations to both to maintain the relationship. The contract includes employee name, place of work, salary and duration of the contract.

Employment contract template


This employment contract is made between the employer named as               and the employee named

The employment contract has been made on the day

Location of job:

Responsibilities of the employee:

Duration of work per day/week/month:      hours

Period of employment: From         /          /           to               /         /

Salary and incentives:

Tax and deductibles:

Paid Holidays and Leave Days:

Dress code:

Medical Benefits:

Governing law and Jurisdiction:

This contract is binding to the employer and the employee from the start date till the termination date. Both the parties have mutually read and properly signed the contract.

Signature of the Employer                                    Signature of the Employee

Name of the Company                                 Name of the Employee

Date:                                                         Date:

Place:                                                                Place:



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