Lease Business Contract Template

Business contracts are prepared in all types of small business with employees, customers, consultants and partners. A contract is a legal document enforcing obligations on two or more people to take decisions without mutual permission. The most common form of contract in small business is lease contract. The lease contract is between the owner of the property and the tenant of the property place of business.

Lease Business contract template

This contract is made by and between the (Landlord) Names

And (Tenant) Name                                     for the

lease of the premises  Address

Contract Duration:

The Tenant shall pay the rent of $      per annum, payable by check before Date           in advance every year.

The Tenant shall maintain the premises in good condition as given by the Landlord.

Any changes in the interior of the premises can be done only by the permission of the Landlord.

Terms and conditions of the contract:

1. The Landlord agrees to give possession of the premises on .

2. The Tenant agrees to pay all the rents punctually.

3. Other

4. Other

5. Other

(Landlord) Name of the owner and the (Tenant) name of the tenant mutually read and agree the terms and conditions mentioned in this contract.

Signature                                                   Signature

Name of the Landlord                                          Name of the Tenant

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