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Business email templates are produced and accessed for internal & external communication in a business organization. According to the requirement and point of discussion, an e-mail is prepared and sent to convey the message. An effectively produced email helps to sell market and promote the business.  However, e-mails are considered as the perfect mode of communication as these are quick, easy to write and easily maintained for records. Every department keeps the mailer record shelves differently.

Sample business email templates:

Date: ___/____/____ [on which the e-mail is sent]

Email Address [Email id of the receiver]

Name: ______________________

Designation: ___________________

Address: _____________________ [details of the e-mail receiver]

References: ___________________________________________ [provide the clear references to educate the reader]

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs (name of the e-mail receiver or the concerned person),

This e-mail is regarding the yesterday’s business discussion meeting held between Mr_____________ [name of the concerned person] from _____________ [name of the receiver’s organization and Ms. _____________ [name of the person] from ____________ [name of the sender’s organization].  We have enclosed minutes of meeting sheet and a list of further approved business plans for your ready reference.

You are requested to provide your feedback regarding this business plan. If possible send us the detailed discussion sheet considered in the last business meeting.  We are seeking for your positive response for commencing the business.

If there is any concern regarding the same, you can contact us on _______________ [official contact number] within the working hours.

Your immediate action to this regard will be highly appreciable!

Thank you & regards,


Name: ______________________

Designation: __________________

Website name: ________________ [details of the sender]


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