Business Employment Verification Template

A business employment verification template is a layout prepared for the inclusion of necessary details that help to verify the employment status of a particular business organization. The structure of the template should be such that every detail of the respective employment process is presented in a clear and professional manner.

You can Download the Free Business Employment Verification Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Employment Verification Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Employment Verification Template:

Business Employment Verification Template

Download Business Employment Verification Template


[Give the business logo here]


[Mention the motto of the business]

___________________________________ [Name of business]

____________________________ [Address]

______________________ [Contact number]

_________________ [Email id]

[Mention all details of the business organization in letterhead format]

Employment Verification for:

Name(s): ________________________________________________ [mention the name(s) of employee(s) whose employment status is to be verified]

Address: ____________________________ [permanent residential address is to be provided here]

Telephone Number: ___________________ [Mobile]/ __________________ [Residential]

Email id: ___________________

Personal information:

  • Employee code: ________________ [mention the unique identity code of the employee]
  • Date of commencement of employment: ________________ [mention the exact date of joining of the employee]
  • Age: _______ years
  • Sex: _________ [M/ F]
  • Blood Group: ____________
  • Case History: __________________________________________________ [mention other important details regarding the employee which the organization must be informed of to verify his employment]
Employment Verification Report:

[Mention the various parameters of verification of employment and comment on the corresponding factors]


[mention the various parameters based on which the employment is verified]


[give a proper conclusion for the corresponding parameter for verification]


[give tips for improvement and maintenance of employment standards]

1. Educational Qualifications
2. Practical Knowledge and skills
3. Team spirit
4. Punctuality
5. Leadership abilities
6. Learning capabilities
7. Communication skills
8. [Other parameters]
9. [Other parameters]
Employment verification report approved by: ______________________________________ [mention the name of the person or department]


[Signature/ Office stamp/ Seal]

Date: ______________

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