Employee Business Template

An employee business template is a document that serves as a general outline for the important details that should be presented in any business document(s) that relates with the employees. The template should have a structure and provision for incorporating the details of the particular employee along with his role in the business. The employee business document is an important source of record for personal as well as professional information of any employee and the template should, hence, be designed accordingly.

You can Download the Free Employee Business Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Employee Business Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Employee Business Template:

Employee Business Template

Download Employee Business Template

________________________[Mention the motto of the business]

[Business logo should be provided here]
Name of Business: ____________________________ [mention the name of the business organization]Address: _________________________ [give the proper mailing address]

Contact number: ___________________

Email id: ____________

Date of establishment: __________________ [give the proper date on which the business house came into being]

Name(s) of owner/proprietor or partner(s):

_________________________________ [give the proper name(s)]

Employee Details:[Fill in the following gaps with proper details]

Name: ______________________________

Employee Code: ___________________ [give the specific serial number of the employee]

Age: ______ years

Sex: ____________ [M/F]

Address: ____________________________________________ [provide the exact postal address]

Contact number: __________________________ [mobile/ residential]

Email address: _______________

Date of joining: _______________ [give the exact date on which the employee joined the business firm]

Case History:

____________________________________________________________________ [give a brief account of the employee’s past records, medical conditions and abnormalities, if any]

Employee Performance: 

PARAMETERS[mention the parameters based on which the employee’s performance in business will be judged] RATINGS[give a proper rating for the corresponding parameter] REMARKS[comment on the employee’s performance according to the specific parameter and give suggestions for improvement]
  1. Punctuality
  1. Team Spirit
  1. Education, Training and Practical Knowledge
  1. Skills for Research and Development
  1. Leadership Qualities
  1. Communication skills
  1. Miscellaneous business traits

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