HR Business Plan Template

A HR business plan template is a document that provides an outline for the official presentation of details of a particular HR business plan. HR is a special department that specifically comprises of issues that are concerned with “human resources” and their proper utilization. Any business plan should involve HR issues to reach out to the significant elements of the business effectively that include work force in the form of employers as well as employees. Hence, this type of a template should include proper lineation for detailing HR business related plans and should also have provision for filling up of corresponding details.

You can Download the Free HR Business Plan Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. HR Business Plan Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample HR Business Plan Template:

HR Business Plan Template

Download HR Business Plan Template

HR Business Plan prepared by:

Name: _______________________ [mention the name of the company or particular individual preparing the HR business plan]

Address: ______________________ [give proper mailing address]

Contact details:

_____________________ [telephone number]

_____________________ [fax]

_________________ [email id]

HR Business Plan prepared for:

Name: ________________________ [give the name of the respective department of business or the organization for whom the HR business plan is being prepared]

Address: _____________________ [provide the proper postal address]

Contact number: ____________________ [provide the telephone/ fax number or both]

___________________ [2nd contact number]

Website address: ______________

Parameters of HR Business Plan:

  • ___________________ [parameter 1]

_______________________________________________ [description]

  • __________________ [parameter 2]

_______________________________________________ [description]

  • __________________ [parameter 3]

_______________________________________________ [description]

HR Business Plan Overview:

______________________________________________________ [give a final summarized description of the HR business plan, including all the aspects in brief and discuss their supposed impact on the respective business and its human resources]

HR Business Plan approved by: ____________________________ [give the name of the officer or agency]

____________________ [Signature]

Date: _______________ [mention the exact date]

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