HR Business Proposal Template

A HR business proposal template is a document that provides an offer or sample tender for improvement of certain business areas. This type of a template should be framed in a way so as to correspond to the actual nature of an HR business proposal and provide necessary gaps for specific details to be filled in. Thus, these templates hence reduce the cost of preparing such official proposals, which may often require hiring of experts or professionals.

You can Download the Free HR Business Proposal Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. HR Business Proposal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample HR Business Proposal Template:

HR Business Proposal Template

Download HR Business Proposal Template

Proposal drafted by:Name of the company: __________________ [mention the proper name of the proposal-drafting organization]

Address: ____________________ [give proper mailing address]

Contact number: __________________

Website address: ______________

Proposal prepared by: __________________ [mention the name(s) of the officer(s) preparing the HR business proposal]

Proposal given to:Name: ___________________ [mention the name of the business firm or representative to whom the proposal has been subject to]

Address: ____________________ [provide the postal address here]

Contact details: __________________ [telephone]

_________________ [fax]

______________ [email id]

Proposal approved by: __________________ [mention the name of the business personnel approving the HR proposal]

Proposal for: _________________________________________ [mention and discuss the purpose for which this HR business proposal is being drafted]
Details of the proposal:[Mention the particulars of the HR proposal and describe the specific scheme in details]

  • ________________________ [1st particular]

__________________________ [work plan]

_____________________________________________________ [description]

  • _______________________ [2nd particular]

__________________________ [work plan]

_____________________________________________________ [description]

  • _______________________ [3rd particular]

___________________________ [work plan]

_____________________________________________________ [description]

HR business proposal would remain valid till __________ [specify the date]


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