Business Invitation Templates

Business invitation templates are widely used in the business organizations for formal celebration such as the foundation day, business anniversary, inauguration party, etc. A business invitation template is a well printed card drafted in the official language with the venue of the party and contact details. Such invitations are sent to the other companies, office staff and official parties to celebrate the juncture together.

Sample business invitation template:

[Choose a desired template, content and layout to print the invitation]

Background image: ___________ [print the single colour background or an attractive image to make the invitation template eye catchy]

Logo: _______________________ [the logo of the company should be printed on the top left side of the invitation]

Name of the organization; ________________________ [Give the name of the organization at the top left side next to the company logo]

Tag line: _____________________ [print the tag line of the organization just below the organization name]

Address of the organization: ____________________ [Give the address of the company at the top right side of the invitation template along with the website name and e-mail id]

You are cordially invited to celebrate the joyful juncture of ___________________ [name of the celebration] together on ____________, ___/____/____   [day & date] at ________ [time of the function]

[Mention the details of the invitation including date, venue and time]

Venue: _____________________________ [print the complete venue details to guide the invited people]

R.S.V.P: __________________________ [write the name of the concerned person]

Contact details: ___________________ [provide the phone number at the bottom of the invitation template]

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