Blank Business Invoice Template

The blank invoice template is a pre-built layout that has been designed for the use of business firms during financial transactions with their customer(s) or client(s). These types of documents are kept blank so that necessary details can be filled in by respective companies without much hassle. The invoice is also important so as to determine the profit and loss of a company. Furthermore, this kind of document can also be maintained as a record for the business and its transactions.

You can Download the Free Blank Business Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Blank Business Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Blank Business Invoice Template:

Blank Business Invoice Template

Download Blank Business Invoice Template

Business Invoice for ____________________
[State the name of the goods or service provided]
Company: _______________ [State the registered name of the business]

Contact Information of the Company:

Address: ____________________

Phone no. ________________


Website/ Email:___________________ [if any]

Invoice no.: ____________

Date of Invoice: __________[dd/mm/yy] [Mention the date on which this invoice was dispatched]

Customer Personal Information: [State the necessary client details]

Name: _____________________


Phone no. _______________
Email Address:________________________

Customer Payment Preference:[Specify according to the preferences made by the client]

Mode of Payment:_________

Bank Name:___________

Bank Account no.________

Bank (Main) Address:__________________

Products and/ or Services Information:  [Mention the details of the good or service sold]

[State the name of the good as registered in the company’s database]

Product Overview

[Mention the nature of the product and the purpose of its use, in brief]

GST Information

[This should also include other tax related information of the product]

Service tax:
Delivery Charges (if any):
Grand Amount:
Bill Dispatch Period: _________ to _____________
Company Seal/ Authorized Signature: __________________

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