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Business invoice templates, as the name suggests, are prepared and executed in the business organizations for claiming the genuine charges for providing the different services, selling the products and goods, etc. A business invoice template can be varied according to the requirement. However, an organization uses the standard invoice formats for its departments, which are formally produced by following the official terms and legitimate conditions.

Sample business invoice templates:

Invoice number: _______________ [this is a serial invoice number issued for the record maintenance]

Date: ____/_____/_____ [mention the date on which the invoice is prepared]

Type of invoice: _______________ [mention the type according to the department]


Name of the organization: _______________

Address: _____________________________

Phone number: ________________________ [details of the sender’s company]

TIN number: __________________________

License number: _______________________ [both the details are required]


Name of the company: ___________________

Address: _______________________________

Contact number: _______________________ [details of the invoice receiver company]

Invoice description:

Sr. No:       Name of the products/ goods/ services          Number of items          Cost of each item

______       ________________________________      __________________     ________________

[Provide the above mentioned details carefully as these are useful for calculating the amount]

Total amount to be paid by the receiver organization: _______________________ [mention amount in the local currency]

Percentage of Tax: ________________________

Custom duty amount: _______________________ [these official details are required]

Gross amount to be paid by the receiver company: __________________ [amount in the local currency]

Prepared by: [validation of the invoice by signing]

Name: ________________________

Designation: ___________________

Name of the department: _________

Checked by: __________________

Seal_________________________ [stamp of the organization]

Do you want specific sample invoice templates for UK. Simply choose a suitable template, download it and edit it as per your requirements.

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