Business Service Invoice Template

A business service invoice template is a document which contains a rough outline of the manner in which a business service invoice should be composed. Such a document is a bill of sale, for the services rendered which is presented by a business enterprise to another similar concern, or to an individual. A business service invoice template must contain provisions for including descriptions of the services provided, the amount outstanding, mode of payment, details of credit transfer and so on. It should be a clear and comprehensive account, which will have legal validity as well.

You can Download the Free Business Service Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Service Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Service Invoice Template:

Business Service Invoice Template

Download Business Service Invoice Template

Invoice for ____________________________________________________ [Mention the name of the business organization and its address in the space provided]

Date of purchase/service: ____________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date on which the item was bought from the business organization, or a service was done to the customer]

Date of payment: ________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date\

List of services rendered or items sold to the customer:

  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

_____________________________ [Mention the details of the items purchased from the business enterprise or the services provided by the same to a customer, for which payment is being charged]

Customer Details

Name: ______________________________________ [Mention the name of the customer paying the money]

Address: _____________________________________ [Mention the address of the customer]

Contact details: _____________________ [email] _____________________ [phone] [Mention the relevant contact details of the customer]

Amount of money due: ___________________________________________ [Mention the amount of money that has to be paid by the customer in the business service invoice]

Payment Details

Installments: _____________________________________

Mode of payment: _________________________________

Last date of payment: ________________________________

[Mention the relevant payment details in the business service invoice template]

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