Sample Business Invoice Template

A sample business invoice template is a model which serves as a record for both service providers as well as clients who receive products and/ or services provided by the respective business house. Every business transaction should be accompanied with the issuing of an authentic invoice that suggests the name and nature of items and their respective costs, thereby giving a report of the entire business deal and the amount involved. The template should be designed in a manner so as to include these important details and also provide guidelines for specific details.

You can Download the Free Sample Business Invoice Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Business Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Invoice Template:

Sample Business Invoice Template

Download Sample Business Management Template


[Give the logo of the business house here]


[Herein mention the motto of the business]

__________________________________ [Name of business]

__________________________ [Address]

_____________________ [Contact number]

__________________ [Email id]

[Mention the required details of the business firm in a letterhead format]

Business Invoice to: ____________________ [mention the name of the company/ organization/ client to whom the invoice is being issued]

Nature of invoice: ____________________ [mention the specific nature or title of the deal for which the particular business invoice is being issued]

Invoice No.: ___________________ [give the proper serial number of the particular business invoice]

Invoice issued on: ______________ [mention the specific date of issue of invoice]

Invoice details:

[Mention the particulars of the business transaction, their rate(s) and total amount in a tabular format, as presented below]


Extra charges: ____________________

Taxes: _______________

Other costs (if any): ____________________

Total amount: ___________________

Invoice issued by: _____________________________ [mention the name of the officer/ agency]

________________________ [Signature/ stamp/ seal, with date]

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