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Business letter head templates are the officially drafted patterns which are widely used for communicating with the external business entities and firms. A business letter head template consists of the company’s contact details, required information and the company logo. Every business organization has its own standard business letter head. Some of the companies use a common format for all the modes of communication, whereas certain organizations print different pattern for different modes. A business letter head template can be filled with the information and sent to the destination via e-mail, post and can be handed over face- to – face.

Sample business letter head templates:

[Before printing the business letter head template, one needs to decide the specification of the letterhead and design and information to be printed on the letter head.]

Image at the background: ___________________ [print the desired bubble image at the background of the letter head or it can be kept as plain as well]

Logo: ____________________________ [put the logo of the organization with a high resolution image on the top left side of the letter head]

Name of the company: _______________________ [mention the name of the company at the top centre of the business letter head template]

Tagline: ____________________________ [the tag line of the company should be mentioned below the name of the organization]

[A horizontal line should be drawn to separate the head field and body of the letter head]

[The body of the business letter head remains blank for the official use and put a horizontal line at the bottom to separate the letterhead body from the footer]

Address of the company: _____________ [print the address of the company below the footer line]

Contact details: _______________________

Fax number: ________________________

E-mail id: __________________________

Website name: ______________________ [fill all the details as required]

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