Business Closure Letter Template

A business closure letter template is a document which outlines how to compose a business closure letter in an effective manner. Such a letter is usually sent out as a public declaration stating the closure of the business and informing all concerned with it. Thus, it must be carefully written and as informative as possible. A business closure letter template must be planned in advance and written by a professional as far as possible. It should be accurate as well.

Sample Business Closure Letter Template:

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to state that our business enterprise________________ [Mention the name of the business organization] has been forced to be shut down after foreclosure by the __________________ [Mention the name of the bank foreclosing the business organization] for non-payment of debts. We are deeply sorry to our investors, partners, clients and all well wishers who were in any way connected to the business, and who have supported us through the hard times.

We shall convene a crisis meeting on the ________________ [mention the date of the said meeting] to decide on the future of the company. We hope the disputes will be resolved soon.

Thanking everyone

___________________________________ [Mention the name and professional designation of a man of authority in the business enterprise]

Place: ____________________________

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