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Business letter templates are widely used for maintaining the communication flow between the two business organizations or between the office staff and senior management. A business letter template varies according to the requirement or subject of the formal information to be exchanged. The business letter templates are kept for maintaining the record shelves as a proof of black & white communication for future references. The business letter template is drafted formally, and the content is written in the professional language.

Sample business letter template:

Date: ___/____/___ [on which the letter is sent]


Name ___________________

Designation: ______________

Organization name: ___________________

Organization Address: _________________ [recipient’s address]


Name ___________________

Designation: ______________

Organization name: ___________________

Organization Address: _________________ [address of the sender]

Subject: _____________________________ [give the point of communication to avoid any confusion]

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. (name of the receiver),

This letter is regarding the business proposal sent by _______________ [name of the receiver organization] dated __/___/___ [write the receipt date] to _________________ [name of the sender’s organization]. Our board of directors has reviewed the proposal and approved it for commencing a new business of _____________ [name of the business]. Kindly find the enclosed list of business requirements for initiating the new business relationship.

You are requested to arrange a business meeting for discussing the scopes and benefits of this business. Please provide us the requested details at your earliest.

For any business query, please feel free to contact us at __________ [provide the phone number] or you can send us a message at _____________ [give the e-mail id].

We are waiting for your response!


__________________ [name of the letter sender]

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