Business Plan Cover Letter Template

A business plan cover letter template is a layout for a letter provided along with a business plan document. Business plans are generally framed for a number of reasons, such as, commencement of a new business or extension of a business, new business ventures, etc. A cover letter is provided along with the plan to contain a summarized form of the significant prospects of the plan. Hence, a cover letter template should be framed in such a manner that it must contain necessary gaps to bring out details of the business plan and other relevant particulars.

Sample Business Plan Cover Letter Template:

Business  Plan  Cover  Letter


The ___________________ [mention the position held in business by the recipient]

_____________________________ [Give the name of the recipient business firm]

_________________ [City/ Country]

____________ [Date in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Sub: Cover letter for the business plan ________________ [give the official title of the business plan]

Ref.: _______________________ [Give the code(s) or name(s) of document(s) provided for the business plan]

Dear Sir/ Mam,

This business cover letter has been framed to bring to your notice the business plan for ________________________________________ [give the name and description of the scheme for which the business plan is being provided]. This business plan is being sent by _________________________________ [provide the name of the sender party or company] for utilization in the ________________________ [mention the area where the plan will be used] project.

The various significant aspects and details of the plan have been described in the document enclosed with this letter. Several drawings, figures, and graphs have been provided to illustrate the plan. Kindly go through the attached files and do let us know if any changes need to be done. Any suggestions for improvisation are welcome.

We will be looking forward to your reply. Hope that your firm _______________________________ [provide the name of the recipient business house] approves of this business plan.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

________________________ [Name]

____________________ [Designation]




Documents attached: _________________________________________ [give proper details]

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