Business Proposal Cover Letter Template

A business proposal cover letter template is a document that provides an outline of the details to be incorporated in a cover letter that is provided along with a business proposal. A business proposal may be sent by or to any business firm and generally contains a cover letter along with the main document, to introduce the recipient party regarding the proposal for business or other terms of business execution. Often prepared by experts, a well-framed template can help prepare an effective cover letter that can create the required impact.

Sample Business Proposal Cover Letter Template:

Business  Proposal  Cover  Letter



[Give the address of the receiving party]

_______________ [Provide the correct date in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Sub: Cover Letter for _______________________________ business proposal [provide the title of the proposal in the gap]

Ref.: _______________ [provide the reference number or code of the business proposal]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is a cover letter being provided to outline the main features of the proposal for _________________________________________________________ [mention and describe the purpose and nature of the proposal here].

The proposal sent to ______________________________________ [mention the name of the recipient individual or company by the _______________________________________ [mention the name of the business firm that has sent the proposal], dated ________________ [give the exact date of sending the proposal], is of typical business purposes only and have the following aspects:

  • __________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________

[State the name of the proposal particulars]

The actual document of the business proposal has been attached with this cover letter. Kindly go through the same.

We will be eagerly looking forward to your reactions.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

_____________________ [Name]

_______________________ [Position held by the sender]




  • Number of documents attached: ____________
  • Title of the documents: _______________________

[Give proper details]


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