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A business welcome letter template is a layout used for framing business letters that welcome an individual or an agency to the firm for being a part of it and executing smooth business with association. A welcome letter generally has to be warm in outline but should also have a professional approach since it is a business letter. The template should be prepared to serve a general purpose of letters of welcome, and should contain necessary gaps for filling up of the specificities and particular details of the recipient party.

Sample Business Welcome Letter Template:

Business  Welcome  Letter  Template



[Provide the address of the recipient here]

______________ [give the proper date of framing the letter, in dd/mm/yyyy format]

Sub: ___________________________________________ [Briefly state the main purpose of the letter here]

Dear ___________ / Sir/ Madam, [mention the name in the gap if it can be given]

This is a welcome letter being sent to you on behalf of the business firm ________________________________________ [mention the name of the business], dated on ____________ [give the date of sending the letter], to have the pleasure of working with you from the __________ day of _____________ [month], _________ [year].

We have gone through all details as presented by you and have concluded that you would be ideal as a member of the business, as _______________________________________ [mention the position to be held by the person or department].

The work procedure and your responsibilities as a member of the business have been described in details in the document attached with this letter. Kindly go through the same and do let us know in case of any confusion.

Eagerly looking forward to your decision.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

_____________________ [Name of sender]

___________________ [Designation]



For other information, contact:

__________________________ [telephone number]

________________________ [fax]

_____________________ [email id]




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