Word Business Letter Template

A word business letter template is simply a layout of a business letter, prepared in Microsoft Word format. This template is framed in the pattern of a normal business letter, with spaces for incorporating specific details as may be required to be contained in the particular letter to bring out its actual purpose. The content of this template has to be brief, considering that it is a business letter, but should not compromise with the provision for mentioning significant facts and information.

Sample Word Business Letter Template:

Word Business  Letter  Template



[Recipient company or individual’s address]

______________ [Date of framing the letter, given in dd/mm/yyyy form]

Sub: __________________________________ [Mention the subject matter or the main issue of the business letter]

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This letter comes from the ________________________ [mention the official name of the business firm] to inform you that _____________________________ [mention the purpose of framing the letter and the main aspect in details].

This business was established on the _____________________ [give the exact date and year of establishment] and has since then been operating a successful business in the area of ____________________________ [provide the address or location of the business]. The owner/ partners of the business is/ are ___________________________________ [mention the names correctly, according to the case of proprietorship or partnership], who has/ have always kept the target of business fixed on quality goods and satisfactory customer service.

The financial details of the business have been provided in the document attached along with this letter. The business has certain shares in the market. The details of its shares and also its own shareholders have been provided as well.

Kindly go through the documents and please do let us know your reactions as soon as possible. We would be eagerly looking forward to your reply.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

__________________ [Sender’s name]

___________________ [Designation]



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