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A business management template is a document which contains guidelines for the creation of a business management document. Such a document outlines the major aims of the business enterprise, its financial structure, purpose, distribution of ownership and other important details that will affect the day to day operation of the business organization. Hence, a business management template must be carefully written, and there should be enough scope for introduction of relevant details in the document.

You can Download the Free Business Management Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Management Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Management Template:

Business Management Template

Download Business Management Template

Business management document for: _____________________ [Mention the name of the business enterprise for which the business management document is to be created]

Date of creation of business management document: ________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [mention the relevant date]

Our aims:

  • ______________________________________
  • ______________________________________
  • _______________________________________ [Mention some of the purposes behind the business organization in order to provide an insight into its functioning]
Board of directors:

  • ______________________________________
  • ________________________________________
  • ________________________________________ [Mention the various members of the board of directors, specifying the posts of executive director, chairman and co-directors.]
Financial distribution of the business enterprise: ____________________________________________________________________ [Mention the relevant financial details of the business enterprise, including shareholding pattern, number of shares owned by each shareholder, startup capital and profit distribution]
Annual financial outline for the last fiscal year: ________________________ [Provide the annual financial expenditure and profit margins for the latest fiscal year]
Expenditure Profits obtained TDS Net gain
Outline for the fiscal year approaching: _________________________________ [Provide a business management outline for the coming year, specifying targets, expected profit, collaborations, expansion and other relevant details]

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