Business Process Management Template

A business process management template is a document which provides an outline of the manner in which the business process report is to be composed and presented. Such a report is presented after a thorough analysis of all the aspects of the business, both logistical and financial, and after judging the performance and execution of the staff with respect to their work and salaries. A business process management document involves a listing of all the major dimensions of the business process, the rectifications needed in its management in order to improve performance and implementation.

You can Download the Free Business Process Management Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Process Management Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Process Management Template:

Business Process Management Template

Download Business Process Management Template

________________________________________________________ [Mention the name of the business enterprise for which the business process management report has to be created]

Date of submission of business process management report: ___________________[dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant date]

Business process management report compiled by: ________________________________________________________________ [Mention the name and professional capacity of the individuals associated with this exercise and its documentation]

Purpose of business process management:

  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________

_____________________________________ [Mention the reasons for business process management and the benefits derived from the same]

Business processes outlined which are in need of rectification, improvement or alteration:

  • _______________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________

________________________________________________ [Mention some of the areas of the business enterprise which need immediate attention and facilitation]

Strategies by which business processes can be improved, economized and made more utilitarian in nature:

  • _____________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________

________________________________________________ [Provide comments and suggestions whereby the problems mentioned above can be suitably resolved]

Parameters considered in the business process management report: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the factors being considered by the investigators while framing the business process management report]


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