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Business memo templates are used for the official purposes in the business organization. A memo template is drafted in official format with professional language. Such a memo can be drafted according to the requirement as sometimes it can be of two sentences or sometimes, it is produced with more than one paragraph. A business memo template does not contain the salutation. It is sent to the clients and co- workers for conveying some point of discussion, sending instruction and providing feedback on certain points.

Sample business memo templates:

Memo serial number: _______________________ [a number for internal records]

Date:  ___/____/____ [on which the memo is sent]

To: ________________ [name of the person]

Department: ________ [name of the concerned department]

From: ____________ [name of the sender]

Subject: ________________________ [write the subject to educate the receiver if it a fresh memo or reply to some previous one]


This memo is regarding ________________ [reason for the memo] as instructed by the top management. Due to the absence of your colleagues, you will take care of all the pending work. This order of change in duties is effective from ___/_____/____/ and is closing on ___/____/____ [write the date]

For the same following mentioned instructions should be taken care of:

Submit the daily evening report to _______________ [name] department.

The final report by compiling all the reports will be submitted to ________________ [name of the concerned person]


You will be paid according to the overtime tariffs as suggested by the HR department.

Required: ____________________ [mention what is needed from the receiver such as feedback, etc]


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