Direct Memorandums Template

Short, simple memos are used in business organizations regularly. Formal memorandums however comprise of long formal messages. Such a memorandum uses a pattern with most important point in the message on the top and others preceding it. It is called as direct pattern of the memorandum. The information is listed in the memorandum in the logical order.

MEMORANDUM                               COMPANY NAME





The message giving the concise information of points listed below. The objective of the message is written in the direct   memorandum here. The need of the issue to be discussed is followed by the logical sequence of points.

  • The most important point to be conveyed.
  • The second point to be discussed.
  • Specific issues to be deal with.
  • Clear writing makes it easy to read.
  • Helps the reader to understand the objective.

Closing the memorandum with personal remarks is a part of direct memorandums.

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