Business Plan Templates

Business plan templates are the well drafted strategy statement based on the official terms and states the foremast course of actions to set up & launch the future business. Such a plan is prepared to cover the all missions & visions including omissions & weakness in the planning process. A business organization and entrepreneur draft this template with the help of business analysis experts.

Sample of business plan template:

Name of the organization: __________________________

Authenticated Address: ___________________________

Contact number: ________________________________

Official URL: ____________________________________ [fill the required details for providing business organization details]

Section 1: Business Profile:     [business profile consists of the initial and important information of business]

Description of the business: ________________________

Type of the bussiness: ____________________________

Targeted market & clients/ customers: ______________

Explain the various growth trends in the business: ____________________

_______________________________________ [mention the points to state the trade trends]

Mention the pricing power: _____________________________ [mention the total cost of the business]

Give the price in different targeted currencies: ____________________ [mention the different currencies with tagged price]

Section 2: Mission of the Business Plan:

_______________________________________________ [give a statement for delivering the mission briefly. Be prices and use effective language to convey the exact message]

Section 3: Vision of the Business Plan:

________________________________________________ [mention the future vision of the business in brief]

Section 4: Communication Agenda:

____________________________________ [write the business norm for communication strategies and fill the following modes of communication with their use and limitations in the business plan]



(b)Internet/ intranet:


(c) Computers


Section 5: Organization consultant Details:

Commerce consultant: _______________

Insurance consultant: _________________

Strategy consultant: __________________

Banker information: __________________

Attorney Authority: ___________________ [provide the details for the registration for the business plan]

Section 6: Business Permit & Licenses:

License Number: ____________________

Permit Number: _____________________

TIN number: ________________________ [fill the details for a business plan]

Section 7: Insurance:

Insurance number: _______________________________ [mention the number of insurance and information about the concerned insurance organization]

Prepared by: ______________________

Date of preparation: ___/____/____

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