Massage Therapy Business Plan Template

A massage therapy business plan template is a document which provides a guiding framework for such a business plan. Any massage therapy unit, whether a standalone outlet or an offshoot of a health and beauty concern, needs to have a proper business plan in place before it starts to operate full time. This business plan not only covers all importance daily aspects of the massage therapy unit, but also ensures that the unit has a proper blueprint to tackle unforeseen emergencies. Thus, the need for a massage therapy business plan is huge, and a template is the best option in such cases.

You can Download the Free Massage Therapy Business Plan Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Massage Therapy Business Plan Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Massage Therapy Business Plan Template:

Massage Therapy Business Plan Template

Download Massage Therapy Business Plan Template

Massage Therapy Business Plan for ____________________________ [Mention the name of the massage therapy unit for which the business plan is to be created]

Massage therapy business plan created by: ______________________________[Mention the name of the individual staffer/executive or team creating the massage therapy business plan]

A few comments about the nature of the massage parlor:

  • Hours: _____________________
  • Target clientele: _______________________
  • Services provided: _______________________
  • Charges: ______________________________
  • Staffers employed: _______________________
  • Location: ________________________________
  • Management committee and distribution of shares: ___________________________
Organizational Principles Framing the Establishment of the Massage Parlor:

[Mention the chief infrastructural and organizational factors influencing the establishment of the massage parlor in the business plan]

Chief Parameters Considered Reason for Considering the said Parameters Proposals in the Business Plan Dealing with the Parameters Mentioned
Signature: _________________________ [Provide a valid and authorizing signature to authenticate the massage parlor business plan]

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