Simplified Business Plan Template

A simplified business plan template is an outline which provides a simplified and easily decipherable business plan outline so that the main tenets of the business plan can be understood by all concerned. Such documents are composed before the establishment of a business organization or company, or even as part of the work process in such an outfit. The aim of a business plan, simplified though it is, is to ensure that the work in the business organization proceeds according to a system, and a template is the best framework to follow in such cases.

You can Download the Free Simplified Business Plan Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Simplified Business Plan Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Simplified Business Plan Template:

Simplified Business Plan Template

Download Simplified Business Plan Template

Simplified Business Plan for ____________________________________ [mention the name of the business organization for which the above mentioned plan is to be created]

Date of submission of simplified business plan: ______________________ [mention the relevant date]

Simplified business plan created by: ___________________________ [mention the name of the team members responsible for the simplified business plan]

Purpose of the simplified business plan:

  • __________________________________
  • __________________________________
  • __________________________________ [mention the reason and the need for the simplified business plan, its aims and intentions, and the advantages to be drawn from it]
Salient Features of the Simplified Business Plan
Parameters that have been addressed in the plan Importance of the factors addressed in the plan Specific proposals regarding these parameters in the plan
Nature of changes to be wrought in the business organization as suggested by the simplified business plan:
Month Changes proposed Effect of the changes proposed
Signature: ___________________________ [Provide an authorizing signature that will validate the simplified business plan]

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