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Business process templates are the professional document to measure the business procedures and courses in progress. A business process template is prepared by the business organization to evaluate if all the necessary developments are in working order. Provided input events, specific outputs and goal achievement are the vital factors to be considered while a business process template is drafted. The performance of all departments is estimated based on the basis of this template.

Sample business process templates:

Business process template name: ____________________ [on which the business template is based]

Date: ___/____/____ [on which the business template prepared]

Details of the organization:

Name of the business organization: _______________

Address: ____________________________________

Phone number: _______________________________ [provide the contact details]

Details of the business:

Name & type of the business: __________________

Segment of the business process: ______________ [fill the basic details]

Type of the workflow followed in the business organization: __________________

Number of departments considered for this business process: ______________________

Give the name of the departments: ______________________________

Business process details: [define all sections carefully]


  • Events and strategies being executed: __________________ [name the inputs being fetched to achieve the output]

Work flow configuration:

  • Objective of the business process: ________________
  • Goals to be achieved: ___________________________
  • Modes of communication used: __________________



  • Objectives achieved: _________________________ [state the achieved goals by following the above procedure]


  • Types of the resources to be utilized: _____________________
  • Connection between the resources: ______________________   [define the method of resources being used]

Produced by:

Name: ____________________

Designation: ______________

Checked by: ______________

Approved by: ____________ [give all the signatures]


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