Business Plan Proposal Template

Business plan proposals are generally put forwarded by a concern authority or individual who wishes to start a new business and operate it successfully or improving an existing one by incorporating new plans. This process does involve investment; hence, proper documentation of the business plan proposal is essential. This could be accomplished by a business plan proposal template, a pre-developed layout which can present the appeal in a concise and concrete format to the concern investors. Such a template do have enormous significant in delivering a vivid mental picture of the business plan to its investors. Moreover, it also keeps provisions for outlining the research related aspects of the business plan.

You can Download the Free Business Plan Proposal Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Plan Proposal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Plan Proposal Template

Business Plan Proposal Template

Download Plan Proposal Template

Business plan proposal presented by ____________ [specify the name of the authority by whom the business plan proposal is being formulated]

Business plan proposal presented to ___________________

Date of presenting ________________________[dd/mm/yy]

Executive Summary: [This section should enunciate an overview of the entire business plan in lucid and brief terms so as to establish the credentials to its investors. This section should also specify how the plan would be successful and what ways have been decided to be implemented]
Business Plans Duration of Implementation of Each Plan
  • PLAN 1
  • PLAN 2
  • PLAN 3
Estimated Budget Required For Plan Implementation _________________ [specify an approximate cost]

Fund Collected ___________[Specify the amount already being accumulated for the purpose

PROPOSAL WILL REMAIN VALID TILL ___________[mention the last date for accepting the proposal]

__________________ [any special note to the investors]

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