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Business proposals are presented by a business authority to its prospective clients, customers and prospects reciting the new plans and ideas for enhancing its stature in the potential market and also to accumulate funds for making the purpose successful. Business proposal template is a layout which gives provision to detail all the points concisely. Essentially, such a proposal must outline the plan honestly and with clarity so that it becomes successful in achieving maximum acceptance from the intended audience. Therefore, this kind of template document serves as an appeal for investment to the potential investor with provision for proper enumeration of the objective.

You can Download the Free Business Proposal Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Proposal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Proposal Template

Business Proposal Template

Download Business Proposal Template

Business Proposal Presented by: _____________

Business Proposal Presented to: _____________

[mention the name of the following authority]

Date of presenting the proposal:____ [dd/mm/yy]
Document no: ___[specify a unique reference number or code for the document]
ABOUT US: [Detail about the business by whom the business proposal document is being formulated. This sections gives an overview of the business to its new clients and customer base about their achievements and operation]
  • [Purpose 1]
  • [Purpose 2]
  • [Purpose 3]
  • [Business Plan 1]
  • [Business Plan 2]
  • [Business Plan 3]
TOTAL TIME REQUIRED FOR IMPLEMETING THE PLANS: ____ [specify an approximate time frame]
ESTIMATED BUDGET FOR SUCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLANS: ________[specify an approximate cost or fund require]
LAST DATE FOR ACCEPTING THE PROPOSAL ____________ [mention a stipulated time after which proposal acceptance would not be entertained by the authority]

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