Business Proposal Templates

Business proposal templates are professionally prepared for commencing a new business relationship between the business organizations. A business proposal template is consisting of the business proposal plan, business strategies and contact details of both the business organizations.  Course of actions, information and detail about the goods, products and services are also mentioned in the business proposal template.

Sample business proposal templates:

Proposal Number: ____________________ [a serial number for the record]

Date: ____/____/____ [date on which the business proposal is commenced]

Contact details of the both organizations:

Proposal sender organization:

Name of the business organization: _________________

Address: ______________________________________

Contact number: _______________________________

Website: _______________________________________ [brief details of the proposal sender company]

Receiver organization:

Name: _______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________

URL: ________________________________________ [contact details of the receiver company]

Details of the business proposal: [fill the required details of the business proposal to clear the terms and covenants of the business]

Name of the business proposal: ____________________

Category of the business proposal: __________________

Covenants & describing the advantages of the business proposal:

Scope of the proposal: ___________________________

Benefits of the proposal for both the companies: ____________________

_______________________________________________ [state the point which should be considered by the receiver company at a positive end to commence the business]

Type of the market targeted: ________________________

Type of the clients/ customer targeted: _________________

Understanding the business requirements: ______________

Efforts required for running the project: _____________________

Solutions & services our company is proposing: _____________________

Prepared by: _____________________________________ [signature of the person who prepared the business proposal]

Name of the authorized person: _______________________

Designation: ______________________________________ [approved by the concerned person]

Name of the department: __________________________

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