Business Purchase Proposal Template

A business purchase proposal template is a document which outlines the structure of a business purchase proposal document. The latter is presented prior to a company’s acquisition of another company or business enterprise, and is usually preceded by a terms sheet which highlights key aspects of the business purchase contract. For example, a business purchase proposal must highlight the price being offered by the purchasing company, its plans to offer severance packages to current employees, details of the business liabilities of the company to be purchased and so on. The business purchase proposal template must thus be clear and lucid so that these key issues are suitably highlighted, and both amateurs and professionals can use such a template to create effective proposals.

You can Download the Free Business Purchase Proposal Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Purchase Proposal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Purchase Proposal Template:

Business Purchase Proposal Template

Download Purchase Proposal Template

Business Purchase Proposal



[Mention the name of the company which will present the business purchase proposal]

Company/Business enterprise to be purchased: _____________________________ [mention the name of the company or business enterprise to be acquired]
Purposes of the business purchase proposal:

  • [purpose 1]: __________________
  • [purpose 2]: __________________
  • [purpose 3]: __________________ [Mention the purposes or benefits of the business purchase deal, like increased cha flow, market expansion and so on]
Key issues in the business purchase document
Status of the employees already employed in the business to be purchased:
Status of the purchased business with regards to the functioning of the parent company:
Liabilities and financial debts of the business to be our chased:
Estimated cost of purchasing the business mentioned above: _______________USD [Mention the amount of money offered by the company presenting the proposal for the purchase]
Contact for more detail: _________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

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