Business Payment Receipt Template

A business payment receipt template is a format prescribed and used by most companies to derive a hard copy of the payment details of a particular business transaction. It mainly emphasizes on the payment part of the entire business deal and draws it into a documentary form. The crucial information pertaining to the payment like payment time, payment type, payment amount etc are vigilantly put down in the paper. Thus it must be completely ensured that all details are enumerated uniformly. Payment receipt templates are found in websites that provide a directly printable format of the receipt structure or they may be developed into more individualised documents.

You can Download the Free Business Payment Receipt Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Payment Receipt Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Payment Receipt Template

Business Payment Receipt Template

Download Business Payment Receipt Template

Name: ______________________ [Identify the name of the company store]

Location: _____________________ [Provide complete address of the company store]

Contact number: _________________ [Give the phone number of the company store]

Number: ______________ [Give the payment receipt number] Date of sale: ____________ [Give the date of the sale] Time of sale: ___________ [Give the time of sale] Method of payment: ________________ [Cite the method of payment]
Item Type [Mention the type of the item] Item Quantity [Enumerate the quantity of the items] Price per unit [Mention the price per unit of the item] Total Price [Mention the price of the item]
Additional Charges ________ __________ [Subtotal]
Shipping charges_________________ _____________ [State the total cost of transport by ship]
Taxation rate_______________ _____________ [State the total tax amount on shipping]
Money received by: ____________________ [Provide signature of the salesperson who receives the payment]

Date: ________________ [Provide date on which payment is received]

__________________ [TOTAL amount paid]

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