Business Receipt Template

A business receipt template is a sample document of how a business receipt should appear. It is a cue to the way business transactions should be recorded with inclusion of the quantities and types of transactions made between two parties. A receipt is issued after the completion of the business transaction like delivery, sale and service. It is a record of all the details regarding that particular business work traded between the seller and the buyer. Thus it should be designed in a way such that all the details about the seller, buyer and the sale parse are incorporated within the template form in an organized manner.

You can Download the Free Business Receipt Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Receipt Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Receipt Template

Business Receipt Template

Download Business Receipt Template

Name: ________________________ [Enter the name of the company issuing the receipt]

Address: _______________________ [Enter the address of the store from where business transaction was conducted]

Phone number: ______________________ [Mention the contact number of the company]

Fax number: ________________________ [Mention the fax number of the company]

Receipt Number: ______________ [Put the receipt number]

Date: ______________ [Put the date of the sale]

Name: ______________________ [Give the name of the customer]

Address: ______________________ [Give the address of the customer]

Phone number: ________________ [Give phone number of the customer]

Email address: ______________ [Give the email id of the customer]

Item Number [Mention the item number of the product] Description [Give an outline of the product] Quantity [Specify the quantity purchased] Unit Price [Mention the price per unit of the product] Amount [State the amount in $]
Signature: _______________________ [Provide signature of the seller] ______________ [Indicate the total amount here]
Note: ______________________ [Make some general declaration]

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